Florești road repair provokes outrage among local people

The Floreşti locals must wait for long time until the day they are able to drive their cars or walk on smooth roads without holes or bumps. 

After 4 years of road repair, local drivers again find their roads full of potholes, seemingly not ever be repaired. Workers say they did apply to standards and ensure that those holes would disappear. 

The locals in the villages of Căşunca, Ciutuleşti, Serbeşti, Nicolaevca, Roşietici and Cinderella say don't feel safe traveling on this road.

"I walked in the morning when it was still dark and rainy, the road was full of water".

"Big truck will go and destroy this road again."

"We are not so satisfied with this road, rain will ruin this gradually."

The workers repairing the road claim they did follow all the rules in the work process. 

"We will fix the holes when they appear," said the chief of repair work, Sergiu Botnari.

State Road Administration funds and contracts this work. 

The supervisor, however, believes that these cracks have occurred because the asphalt layer did not sit well and assures that until the spring they will disappear.

The repaired road is 3 km and 600 meters long. 21 million lei were spent for this reparation. 




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