Flooded basement of block of flats from Milescu Spataru street

Residents of a block of flats from Milescu Spataru street, Ciocana sector of the Capital complain that the basement of the building is flooded, because of a broken tube.

People say they can't stand the smell that comes from the basement and they are afraid that the base of the block can be affected. The administrator of the block says they appealed the authorities many times, but they didn't react.

''We didn't received any asnwers at this letter. Thus, during three months we were sending messages to the municipality. Only on October month the workers came to dig. They told us the problem was solutioned'', said Larisa Zilici, the administrator of the block.

People are very angry.

''We see this image every day. Children can fall there and it is also dangerous for the adults.''

''It is a desaster. I can't open the windows, because of the bugs that are always flying. The workers come and dig and leave everything as you see now.''

''The water from the basement creates problems to those who live on the first floor. It is terrible.''

The responibles from ''Apa-Canal Chisinau'' say the tube is in the administration of the administrator of the block, who is obliged to buy the required materials to repair it.

''The tube is not in the water provider's balance, so, we are not responsible of what happens there. We discused with the administrator of the block who is ready to buy the required materials and repair the tube. The water provider will also help to solve the situation'', said Nadejda Fotescu, spokesman of ''Apa-Canal Chisinau''.

The residents of the block were assured that all the problems will be solved till November 13.

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