Flag from Floreşti stolen for the fourth time

The flag set two year ago in a touristic zone in Cenuşa village, from Floreşti, was stolen for the fourth time. There, a few residents collected money and installed three benches, dumpsters and a flag.

The most recent one disappeared on the night of 2nd January.

"This is the fourth case of symbolic vandalism. There were cases where people attempted to take out the benches, when they were loosened."

"Even if the flag is always going missing, we will not leave this place without one. We will set another one and find the wrongdoers."

"A beautiful place. Many come to take pictures. It is taken care of, but unfortunately doesn't last."

Authorities claims that the flag could have been taken by the wind. According to the mayor, there are no people in the region who would do such a thing.

"There could have been a strong wind which took it. There are many young people here, but none bothered by the flag, nobody would do such a thing. We request the councilmen's support, as they have the same duty as the mayor to to preserve the public patrimony of the villages" Mayor of Roșietici village, Vera Bruma said.

Residents though, are of another opinion.

"It could not have been the wind, as it was set there properly. Someone must have climbed it and too the flag."

Police officers have opened a case.

"We spoke with those living nearby. All claim to not have seen anything. The case is being investigated and all actions of the police will be reported to local public authorities. There have already been talks to install surveillance cameras in the zone" officer Viorel Albu said.

If it will be proven that the flag was stolen, the guilty person risks to 3 000 lei fine.

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