Five world champions received diplomas from Adrian Candu: I am very honored to get this diploma

Five world champions who achieved remarkable results in the past years received first-degree diplomas from the President of the Parliament. Andrian Candu congratulated the athletes and their coaches, within a festive ceremony, and thanked them for their perseverance, the work done, and the their performances at the international competitions.

"We thank you very much from the names of the citizens we represent, but also from the name of the country, on the name of the Republic of Moldova", said Andrian Candu.

Athletes said these mentions motivate them to continue working and to achieve remarkable results.

"It is an honor for me to receive this distinction, it motivates me to work as much as possible and get the most beautiful results," said Dorin Goţonaga, world champion.

"We are very happy for the award we received from the President of the Parliament. We thank the President of the National Olympic and Sporting Committee, Nicolae Juravschi. The emotions we feel can't be described," said Ilie Sprâncean, world champion .

"World champion and European champion under 23 years and silver medal winner in the world cup. It was a very pleasant gesture from the President of the Parliament, we enjoyed it very much," said Oleg Nuţa, world champion.

Diplomas were also received by the coaches of the champions. They claim that for them the most important distinctions are the high performances of their disciples.

"Everything we do, we do to promote the country on the international arena. Our goal is to get high scores at the international competitions," said Mihail ciudin, coach.


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