Five men detained by Anticorruption prosecutors for releasing on bail three suspects

Five people, among whom two attorneys from Ciocana Prosecutor's Office, one senior prosecutor, an investigator and a civilian (former police officer), were arrested by Anticorruption prosecutors, for corruption.

According to prosecutors, the suspects have taken from an administrator of a company, different amount of money, to free him from custody and stop the enquiry, where the entrepreneur, along with two colleagues, were investigated for tax evasion.

After getting part of the money, prosecutors and police officers have arrange the release of the three businessmen on bail and returned them part of the items and documents seized during searches.

Earlier, because no substantial evidence was found proving tax evasion, prosecutors and police officers suggested the three to admit their actions, to use the confession as eligible proof in the case.

The five were taken into custody for 72 hours. If found guilty for passive corruption, the suspects risk from 7 to 15 years of imprisonment.

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