Fish vendors at main bazaar in Chisinau, raided

The vendors selling live fish at the Chisinau Central Bazaar have been check by inspectors of the Fisheries Service, who have found no vendor has got the due origin and quality certificates.

The raids resulted in fines and swearwords. The sellers say their employers do not give them the due documents to produce.

27 vendors have been fined this month for illegally selling live fish, the amount rising to 58,000 lei (about $3,000.)

"It’s a traditional at Piaţa Centrală (Central Bazaar.) The transporters don’t want to have their due documents in order. Most of them deliver goods without provenience documents. Don’t have fiscal invoices, neither veterinary certificate," said Ion Gratii, a manager with the Fisheries Service.

According to the law, illegally selling goods is liable to a fine of 3,000 lei ($150.)

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