First Youth Municipal Center was opened in Chisinau. What activities will it host

The first Municipal Youth Center was opened in Chisinau. Workshops, robotics, debates will be organized here. The Institution is funded by the Education Minister.

"This youth center is the place where the young can come and share their common interests. Also, this is a place where they can spend their free time."

There will be a hall where IT and robotics courses will be organized. The activities will take place in cooperation with B.P Hasdeu book store.

"The children will experience different activities here", said Mila Seremet, representative of B.P. Hasdeu book store.

"I would like to join the oratory classes."

The  young will be involved in volunteering activities and personal development training.

"This is a good opportunity to improve the personal values and start the further improvement."

"The municipal youth center will met the young aged between 14 and 35. We will have many specialists to work with them", said Petru Grecu, the director of the Municipal Youth Center from Chisinau.

Yearly, Chisinau City Hall will invest 850 thousand lei. 

"The City Hall will invest in this project, so the young will have the opportunity to improve", said Ruslan Codreanu, the interim of the Capital.

The Education Ministry allocated over 110 thousand lei for IT equipment and furniture.

"We signed agreements with 20 district councils. This program will last long. We hope that the number of such centers will increase", declared Radu Rebeja, state secretary at MECC.

The Youth Municipal Center is placed in Ciocana sector, on Petru Zadnipru street. All the activities are free. 

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