First victim of AH1N1 virus in Moldova died

A 42 year old woman from Chisinau who was transported at the Sfântul Arhanghel Mihail Municipal Hospital in a grave condition died yesterday, January 10. The medical expertise showed the woman was infected by AH1N1 virus.

Mihai Moldovanu, the chief of Chisinau health direction declared that the woman didn't have medical insurance and took a wrong treatment till she was hospitalized.

"The patient addressed too late to the doctors. Even if the doctors made the all possible to save her, her organism was too weak", said Mihai Moldovanu.

The chief of the health direction urges people to make the  vaccine in time.

"During this period, we will insist on obeying the hygiene rules in schools and kindergartens. If they find something suspect, they should take measures."

At the first symptoms, the doctors urges to go to the hospital and not to take the treatment by ourselves. The symptoms of AH1N1 are the same as the ones of the virosis.

The patient has: fever, cough, sore throat, muscle pain. There are cases in which the patients have diarrhea and they puke.

 According to the Public Health Center of Chisinau, during January 1 and 7, the doctors registered two thousand cases of infections.

In Chisinau, the first case of AH1N1 was registered to a 34 year old woman, who caught it abroad.


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