First two months of 2018: Moldova's export rose by 40%, reaching over 400 mln USD

Products from Moldova are becoming more popular abroad. In the first two months of this year, export grew by 40%, compared to a similar time in 2017.

In January - February on international markets were sold goods worth 436 million USD. Out of them, 70% were local products, worth 300 million USD. While sales of foreign exported goods gained 135 million USD.

Most Moldovan goods reached EU markets, having increased by 40% in the first two months of the year, compared to a similar period from 2017. Exports to EU reached 300 million USD, which is 67% of the total sold goods. Another growth of 15% was registered in CIS countries, reaching 70 million USD.

Data of the National Bureau of Statistics also shows that export grew to United Arab Emirates. In 2018, by six times more goods reached that country than in a similar period from 2017. Other major exports were registered in Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Romania and Ukraine. 

According to the Central Bank, since the beginning of the year, most sold products abroad were living animals, grains, wooden, leather and fur items, as well as tobacco. 

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