First tennis court of European standards set up in Zgarancea village, Ungheni district

The residents of Zagarancea village, Ungheni district, have a tennis field corresponding to European standards.

This was possible thanks to the contribution of the Tennis Federation of Moldova, Ministry of Youth and Sport and local public authorities.

The new tennis court has an area of 720 square meters and is one of the most modern in the country.


"It is a field that meets the standards, I was looking over the clay and I had the feeling we are somewhere at Roland Garros, because the quality of the clay is a superior one and in this sense I think we have a few that can have this equivalent" said the minister of Youth and Sport, Victor Zubcu.

The first students who played on the field were satisfied with its quality.

Mayor of Zagarancea village declared that he is proud of this achievement and said that at the arrangement of the field participated several volunteers from the village. So the field was set up in record time.

Moldovan Tennis Federation announces that such fields will be opened soon in other localities in Moldova.

For the project was spent 20,000 euro.


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