FIRST STATEMENTS of the Democratic deputy, Sergiu Sirbu after being attacked by the recidivist Pavel Grigorciuc

Democrat Deputy Sergiu Sirbu made the first statement after being physically assaulted in a cafe from Chisinau center by Pavel Grigorciuc. Sirbu wrote on a social network about his health and at the same time thanked everyone for the support and for all the messages he got.

"Dear friends, colleagues! 
Thank you for your support and for all the messages you have sent.

I feel better already, I hope to be able to go home as soon as possible, but not before finalizing all the investigations, and that physicians can assess the possible consequences of coma, which may occur later. 
I very much regret that there was this unpleasant incident that I obviously did not want and I do not want anyone. All those who know me know that I am a peaceful person who avoids conflicts and, moreover, any aggressive situation. But most regretfully is that at this incident assisted my wife, who was very scared. 
For clarity, I will make some remarks, both for journalists who asked me for comments, but also for people who have distorted this case. 
After the Parliament meeting, I agreed with my wife to meet in a cafe in Stephen the Great Park. 
Near the entrance I accidentally met Rudenco attorney and the supporter of the ACUM Block, Pavel Grigorciuc, who was clearly agitated after he participated at the protest of the ACUM block in front of the Parliament and as soon as he saw me he began to cry and insulted me. 
Very calmly we set out to enter the cafe and talk normally, which can be confirmed by the witnesses. I did not manage to open the door easily when I was aggressively dragged by Grigorciuc back out and immediately hit hard on the right side of my head. I just felt a very strong blow, not knowing whether he hit me with his fist or an object. It was not slap.

Other colleagues from the faction intervened immediately and stopped the aggression. 
It's hard for me to understand why he did this, there was no altercation between us, I can understand his gesture only through a man of aggression who makes a gesture without judging. All I told him was an invitation to a civilized conversation in the cafe after he started insulting me, and after I got back from the blow, I gave him only one question - "Pave,l the fists are your only arguments?"
All these things can be confirmed by many witnesses who were in the local area, there was no challenge on my part, as the abuser said incorrectly. 
This incident is all the more unpleasant as it comes from one of those who hold speeches about freedom and justice on the scene of the ACUM Block, made up of politicians who claim to promote European values in Moldova. 
There is life and after such unpleasant moments, what matters is what is learned from them. And I hope those who promote the politics of aggression and violence will understand that this behavior does not show them strong, but they show how weak and lacking the arguments they are. 
I will continue to do politics as I have done so far, to work for those who have chosen me next to the most wonderful and solidar colleagues in DPM.

Good health to everyone!", wrote Sergiu Sirbu on Facebook.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that yesterday Democratic MP Sergiu Sirbu was physically attacked in a cafe in Chisinau downtown by Grigorciuc, who was sentenced to four years in prison. The MP was chosen with a cerebral concussion and was admitted to the Institute of Emergency Medicine in the Capital.

DPM voiced indignation at the aggression of deputy Sergiu Sirbu and asked the representatives of the ACUM block to publicly denounce the aggressive behavior of their political partner, Pavel Grigorciuc, and to cease to use such persons in their political activity.

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