First Saturday of February: The day when people nostalgically return to school

Thousands of graduates came back to school to remember of their roots. Traditionally, the first Saturday of February is the day when all former pupils meet in the school which guided them for years.

With this occasion, "Vasile Alexandri" Lyceum from the Capital prepared an event.

Graduates gathered at the school to remember along with their colleagues the years spend together. Vadim Scutaru has graduated from this Lyceum and is 21 now.

"Here I am."

At the moment he is a neurosurgeon Mother and Child Center in Chisinau. The man claims that his success was partially forged by the teachers.

"I had some great years of high school here along with my classmates and teachers. It was the time when I decided my career."

Nicoleta Feodorov-Ganea also returned to the school enthusiastically.

"I feel at home here. All the walls, tables, chairs are familiar."

Nor graduates from past years skipped the event.

"We gladly returned every year, it feels amazing."

"Back in 10th grade, we would always claim the Chemistry classroom our home, because our homeroom teacher was the chemistry teacher. Today we came back home to Vasile Alexandri Lyceum!"

Teachers from the institutions have so far guided 25 generations.

"Among our graduates counts politicians, artists, actors, teachers and doctors whom are all dear to us. Therefore, we dearly await today everyone to come back, with beautiful words and dances" director of Vasile Alexandri Lyceum, Daniela Vacarciuc said.

This tradition was kept since the Soviet Union by nearly all school from the country.

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