FIRST RESULTS! Maia Sandu wins by far in an Asian country

Maia Sandu has won in China. According to information, PAS candidate has accumulated 13 votes, while Igor Dodon received 2 votes. PPEM candidate Iurie Leanca also gained 2 votes.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the Moldovans from abroad might vote at 100 polling stations opened abroad. Electoral bureaus are working in 33 countries: 40 at the headquarters of diplomatic missions and 60 in other places established beforehand.

Most polling stations, 25 of them, were opened in Italy.

In Romania were opened 11 stations. There the electoral process are conducted without any delays.

In Russia were opened 8 polling stations, and in the USA seven.

For the French diaspora were opened six stations. At the headquarters of the diplomatic mission in Paris the citizens of Moldova waited in line for a quite long time in order to give their votes.

Long lines were also registered in Great Britain, at the two polling stations opened in London.


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