First House project: How many families applied

2.180 Moldovans bought a house due to the First House project.

According to the data, the total sum invested in this project is 540.679.392,93 lei, while the total sum of the loans is  1.081.358.785,86 lei.

The average value of the houses is  582.000 lei.

Of the total of the beneficiaries, 1.577 families and 603 young moved in a new house.

The majority of the customers are aged up to 31.The total surface of a dwelling is on an average 60 square meters.

The data also shows that 2.035 houses were bought in cities and 145 in villages.

The First House project was launched by the Government in 2018. It is for the young aged up to 45.

Also, the last year, the First House 2 project is for doctors, policemen, soldiers, teachers, state institutions and so on.

The First House 3 is for the large families and the First House 4 is for the private sector.

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