First House Program. How many Moldovan people requested state guarantee to buy a home

The First House program has a big success in Republic of Moldova. More and more families in our country chose to buy a home through this program. The number of people who benefited from these credits reached 716. On a socializing page, Premier Pavel Filip wrote that every month on average 100 families have bought a home through this program.

"We reached 716 beneficiaries of First Home Program, which means that every month, on average 100 families have bought a home and chose to stay in the Republic of Moldova. Our young people deserve the best conditions to raise children at home and build a future here in the country", Premier Pavel Filip wrote on his Facebook page.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the "First Home" Program, launched by the Government, is for people under 45 years old, who are officially employed and have no other mortgages. The state guarantees 50 percent of the loan. The price of the dwelling must not exceed one million lei.

By "First House 2" can benefit budgets, and "First Home 3" is for families who have children.

The "First House" Government Program was launched on March 26, 2018, at the initiative of Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

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