First House 2: How public servants can apply for compensations within the program

Teachers, doctors, police officers, soldiers and other employees of state institutions will be able to purchase a house using the First House Program. They will also benefit from a bonus, the state paying 50% of the mortgage loan, for a period of 25 years.

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The other half of the loan, plus interest rates will be paid by the customers.

One of the conditions is that the house must not be more expensive than 500 000 lei, or 25 000 Euro.

Invited on Tema Zilei TV show of Canal 2, Secretary of State of Ministry of Finances, Ion Chicu spoke of the procedure of becoming a beneficiary of First House 2:

"The procedure is simple and transparent. Public servants, such as teachers, doctors, policemen etc. can apply for immediate compensation after signing a First House mortgage loan at the bank. The application is simple and works on the first come, first serve basis.

You do not need to go to an office, or public institution. You can enter the First House project official webpage, where starting June 1, people can register online to apply for state compensations. People can submit a request only if they are employed for over a year and have a clean record. Within 5 working days, the operator will control the presented documents and the beneficiary will be included in the list" Ion Chicu declared.

At the same time, Secretary of State of Ministry of Finances declared that compensations will be offered monthly.

"The state will compensate a beneficiary 50% of the mortgage loan, the deadline being the 300 months offered to repay the loan. For example, taking into consideration the maximum price of 500 000 lei, the loan will be of 450 000 lei, because people need to pay in advance 10% of the price. Half of those 450 000 lei will be compensated during the loan reimbursement. Each month, the beneficiary will therefore receive on the opened bank account no more than 750 lei as contribution" Ion Chicu explained.

First House 2 Program, meant for public servants, received political support from PDM.

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