First flu vaccine doses to be ejected in Public Health Center

The first doses of flu vaccine have been distributed today at the Public Health Center. 

200 thousand doses reached Moldova as the donation of The Task Force for Global Health as informed yesterday by authorities.

Doctors say that the flu virus is not recommended for pregnant women and children up to nine years of age.

In Ciorescu, nearly 400 people will be able to eject the flu vaccine. 

According to specialists, vaccination is the safest method of preventing seasonal influenza.

"This vaccine is recommended by the World Health Organization for 2017-2018," said Luminita Suveica, head of the Municipal Public Health Center.

The Chief of the Municipal Public Health Center was the first one to eject the vaccine.

The 200,000 doses of vaccines are stored in a refrigerator at temperatures up to eight degrees Celsius.

"The temperature is +4 degrees now. The vaccine is valid until May 2018. For each dose of vaccine we also give the 0.5 ml syringes," said Chisinau Health Center Chief of Depot, Ludmila Cojuşneanu.

The first to benefit from the flu virus will be medical workers, firefighters, and employees of carabineer and border police. 

People support this vaccine as it's necessary. 

"I've been doing the vaccine all the time, and I think it's a very good thing, because I saw the difference. Physically, I felt a lot better.

However, some Moldovans prefer traditional methods to protect themselves from viruses.

"I do not really know the stuff about drugs, I'm trying to get a healthy lifestyle."

"I would like to choose a healthy lifestyle such as do sport, without vaccines".

The vaccination procedure in the municipal clinics is free of charge, and in the private clinics costs almost 200 lei.

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