First DNA laboratory was opened in Moldova. When will it start to work? (PHOTO)

It won't be necessary to go to the foreign specialists to do the DNA test, anymore. The first laboratory for molecular-genetic investigations was opened within the Legally Medicine Center. The laboratory will be internationally accredited, so the results will be recognized by all the instances. At the same time, there will be established the costs of the expertise.

The DNA laboratory was equipped with modern technology and seven doctors are trained to work there.

"Everything is sterile. We work in quantities of 100 picograms, up to several thousand picograms of DNA. In this laminar, the final amplification reaction is set, followed by the electrophoresis method", said Ion Baca, doctor.

The genetic analyzer is one of the most expensive apparatus from the laboratory. This permits the specialists to determine the length of the DNA fragments that should be investigated. Then, the data is processed by the required programs. 

At the end, there is a report that shows the results. In the laboratories there are installed surveillance cameras, where all the movements of the employees are monitored. The laboratory will start to work in a half of a year. 

"There is a period of adjustment, calibration of the apparatus, calculation of investigation costs, modification of the unique catalog of judicial expertise and inclusion of prices which are only approved by government decision", said Valeriu Savciuc, doctor.

The specialists will made the DNA expertise at the request of the law institutions, but also, at people's request. Till the present moment, the DNA tests were made in Romania.

"Our citizens needed it. To reach the international standards, we needed to adjust our medicine to a higher level", said Svetlana Cebotari, the minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

To create the laboratory, 9,3 million lei there were invested by the Minister of Health.

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