First conclusions regarding bad smell in Chisinau given by specially-created commission

In Chisinau is a bad smell, but the source is not the water treatment plant. The cause are 2 factories from Botanica sector, one producing alcohol and the second one producing cold meats. These are the first conclusions of a commission created by authorities to discover the origin of the bad smell.

The representatives of the Ministry of Environment took water samples from Bac river, from ten different places. The results of the expertise will be ready in a week.

The Chisinau mayor Dorin Chirtoaca insists that the culprits are the factories placed along the Bac river, which are throwing the waste in the river, even though they have the pre-treatment plants.

“Knowing that we once had problems with the water treatment plant, obviously people are thinking that this is the cause, and all stones are thrown in the direction of City Hall. I understand the simple and defiant logic of these people polluting the city, but we will find them in the end. The services have mobilized themselves and you will receive the list of whom and how they do this. They will be found, they have no place where to go, and will start to work correctly” said the Chisinau mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca.

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