First company to release meal voucher in Moldova signed contracts with over 600 canteens

First company to release meal vouchers in Moldova is a French-owned enterprise which has been active for over 25 years in 19 countries including France, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The launch of the first meal tickets was also attended by the Economy Minister, Chiril Gaburici.

"This event is possible thanks to the actions taken by the Government to support the national economy, while the results will be shortly visible, for both employers and employees" Minister of Economy and Infrastructure mentioned.

The company that issues meal vouchers already has contracts with over 600 canteens, shops and restaurants in Moldova.

"We are ready today to offer lunch tickets to any employer in Moldova in either private company or state-owned company. We want to expand the network throughout the country", said Dumitru Cozmolici, company director.

The law on meal voucher initiated by the head of the legislature, Andrian Candu was voted by Parliament in the final reading. Accordingly, the employees will receive 45-lei meal voucher which can be used in canteens, cafes, restaurants and to purchase food in shops. It is forbidden to exchange those tickets for cash money and employers who will offer their employees meal tickets will be exempt from payroll taxes. 

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