First cherries from Moldova appeared on the market

The first cherries from Moldova appeared on the market. A cup of cherries costs 20 lei, while people who love the fruit can even purchase then straight from the manufacturer. People rushed to purchase at least a bit to satisfy their carving.

Maria Moisei from Truşeni commune has a cherry orchard in her garden. The woman can find cherries since the beginning of May and to the end of June. Cherries are Maria's source of income. 

"We earn some money. I go to the market and sell a few items, even fish. We try to make ends meet in our old age" Maria Moisei said.

Sellers rushed to display their cherries, while passers by could notice boxes filled with the fruits.

"- How much for a cup of cherries?

- 20 lei

- 20 lei?!

- Can we taste one to see if we like them?

- Yes."

"- 20 lei per cup.

- A single cup costs 20 lei?

- Yes, you can taste one."

"- This is your first day on the market?

- Yes it is.

- And?

- We sell a cup for 20 lei because those are the first cherries."

Customers claim that despite not being very sweet, the cherries taste amazing.

"- The cherries taste good, like any first harvest."

"- Have you tried the cherries? How do they taste like?

- Amazing."

Sellers claim that prices will soon decrease once more cherries will be for sale.

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