Firefighters tackle large fire in Spanish region of Valencia

A large fire was burning in Llutxent in the Spanish region of Valencia on Tuesday, forcing authorities to evacuate some 2,500 people, local media reported.

The blaze erupted amid a heatwave caused by a mass of hot air from North Africa that sent temperatures in Portugal and Spain over 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit) over the weekend.

More than 1,400 acres of wood and scrub land has already burned by the fire which started on Monday afternoon.

Helicopters and airplanes are being used to try to put out the flames which has burned 800 acres of a protected park area.

Firefighters on the ground also have been deployed.

Residents of Barx, a small complex of homes near the the location of the fire, were able to stay in their homes on Monday night but few were able to sleep.

It is thought the fire may have been started by a lightning strike.

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