Fire claims another life: Woman from Balti dies after her clothes caught fire

An old woman from Balti had a horrible death. The woman burned to death after her clothes caught fire from a hot stove. The body of the victim was found by her daughter last night, several hours after the incident.

The 82-year-old woman lived alone but was often visited by her daughter who lives nearby. According to rescuers, the old woman allegedly tried to leave the room, but failed. The victim was found near the fireplace on the floor. There was no need for the intervention of firefighters because the flames were extinguished before any other objects in the house caught fire.

The neighbors said that they did not hear anything. The police started an investigation in this case.

And a family from Fundurii Vechi village, Glodeni district, remained homeless after half of their house burned down last night. The specialists say that the fire started due to failure of complying with fireplace exploitation regulation. No one had to suffer.


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