Fines to be applied for car owners that exceed release of toxic smoke

Your car emits too much smoke? If so, be ready to pay a fine. And it could cost you very much. Parliament decided that these violations will be punished more harshly than before.

So from now on, those who have the misfortune to stumble upon environmentalists inspectors will have to pay five thousand lei, if the level of pollutants is bigger than the norm stipulates.

Currently, the fine for pollution is a thousand lei, but after amendment, the size of the penalty will increase five times. 

Experts from Ecology will be responsible to check the level of pollution. They have only four special appliances that can make such measurements.

Normally, the cars are checked annually on this chapter, when they are passing the technical testing. However, many times, this detail is neglected.

The new fines will come into force after the publication of the amendments in the "Official Gazette".

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