Fines rise 2.5 times in Moldova

The so-called conventional unit used to calculate fines in Moldova has risen 2.5 times starting from today. More exactly it grew from 20 Moldovan lei, which is about 1 US dollar, to 50 lei.

Thus, the inebriated drivers will pay 25,000 lei, if caught. The Government made this move in a bid to curb the number of car accidents. Dozens of drivers protested against the bigger fines in the southern town of Comrat.

Meanwhile, the parents or guardians allowing their infants under 16 to go to entertainment entities after 10 p.m. will be fined 4,500 lei.

Also the citizens accepting and/or offering ‘salaries in envelope’, that is illegal and untaxed, will be fined 30,000 lei – the natural persons and 75,000 – the legal entities.

All in all as many as 200 types of fines have been raised.

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