FINE of 90,000 lei. Police officer involved in bribery file for prosecutors received his punishment

The deputy head of a directorate of the National Investigation Inspectorate, guilty of committing the crime of influence of trafficking, was sentenced to a fine in the amount of 90,000 lei.

According to prosecutors, he requested several sums of money from an economic agent, whose company was in a tax evasion file. 

In return for the money, the policeman said he would influence the investigation officers and prosecutors within the Ciocana office, who were prosecuted in the case where the administrators of the economic agent accused of tax evasion were detained, and promised to secure their release from custody, with subsequent removal from criminal prosecution and criminal prosecution.

In the prosecution, the prosecutor submitted to PGI a decision to suspend the decision-maker concerned. He fully acknowledged the guilt, concluded an agreement on the recognition of guilt, which allowed the case to be dissolved from the main file and forwarded to the court for examination in a special procedure.

The court has maintained the seizure applied to the convict's property.

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