Finance Minister Gavriliţa conceded HoReCa VAT raise to attain IMF loan

According to Natalia Gavriliţa, the Finance Minister, the decision to raise value-added tax for hotels, restaurants and cafe was dictated by International Monetary Fund and deemed a condition for credit agreement for Sandu Government. 

"It's a part of IMF agreement. Any deviation takes place, Moldova will miss the chance to have 1.4 billion lei support", said Gavriliţa at a public discussion on HoReCa Fiscal Measures. 

Last week, Finance Minister Natalia Gavriliţa announced to raise TVA for HoReCa industry from 10% to 20%. This decision outraged the society. Many organizations and non-governmental associations requested the country leadership and IMF representatives in Moldova to review the fiscal measures. 




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