Finance Minister acknowledged First House program's benefits to Moldovan people

Government program First House is one of the projects which bring benefits to our people. This was the opinion of Finance Minister Natalia Gavriliţa. The official said this project launched by the former government would continue. 

After half a year, over 2700 Moldovan people have benefited from reasonable credits and moved to new houses. 

"We continue to honor the state commitments for this program and carry on it. I wish to meet the beneficiaries and come up with necessary actions to be implemented in this project", said Gavriliţa.

The program was launched in March 2018, at initiative of former Prime Minister Pavel Filip. Any Moldovan citizens aged up to 45 who have official jobs can apply to purchase houses. 

The first interest is only 10%. 

This project was extended later to benefit state employees, families with multiple children and Moldovans in private companies. 


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