Final results of local election for Chisinau mayoralty: Runoff will be held in Moldovan capital

Following the processing of 307 official reports, the candidates for Chisinau mayoralty obtained the percentage of votes as below: 

Ion Ceban: 40.19%

Andrei Năstase: 31.08%

Dorin Chirtoacă: 10.15%

Octavian Țîcu: 4.76%

Klimenco Valerii: 3. 04%

Victor Chironda: 2.73%

Vladimir Cebotari: 2. 44%

According to the Electoral Code, after the second round of election, the candidate who will gain the most votes will win the race for Chisinau mayoralty regardless of the number of voters who participate in the poll.

In case they acquire the equal votes in the second round, the winner who picked up more votes in the first round will be considered the winner. 



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