Filip on Russian allegation against Vlad Plahotniuc: This intensifies when Moldova has vertical, dignity position

Vlad Plahotniuc is unreasonably accused right in his visit to the U.S. These things intensify when Moldova has vertical and dignity position. The statement was made by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, after a Russian site announced yesterday that Vlad Plahotniuc had been prosecuted in Russia for racial, political, ideological and ethnic hatred.

As you've seen, Vlad Plahotniuc is accused of racial and political hatred, just when he has a visit to the United States. I'm not able to comment on these decisions, and consider that these things intensify when Moldova has vertical and dignity position. Especially, we take into account the endeavor to introduce on the UN agenda the withdrawal of the Russian armed forces. Please take into account that so far I have not gotten a response to washing the 20 million dollars from the Russian Federation, declared Pavel Filip.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that spokesman of Democratic Party of MoldovaVitalie Gămurari, declared that he has no knowledge of any criminal file opened in Vlad Plahotniuc's name and considered it as political blackmail.

The PDM spokesman considers reason of this file is to fade identities of persons who carried out and continue spying for Russia in Moldova territory. 

According to the democrat, there have been multiple attempts to start criminal investigations in Russia, upon multiple Governing officials. 

Moreover, Interpol described them as acts of harassment and political persecution of the government. This failure of credibility by the Russian authorities has led to even greater radicalization of political harassment.

PDM has called on the Foreign Ministry to take the necessary steps to condemn Moscow's political harassment.

We remind you that at the beginning of March, the President of the Parliament and the Prime Minister sent a protest note to Russia about the abusive actions of one of the Russian special services to Moldovan officials.

So far, Moscow has not even responded to this.

Democrats said they would inform international institutions of new abuses committed by the Russian Federation.

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