Filip on local newspaper's misinformation: Media paid by U.S and EU to inform, not to mislead

Moldova retains the request to include on the agenda of the UN General Assembly sessions the issue of the complete withdrawal of foreign military forces in country territory.

However,  Ziarul de Gradă (local newspaper) wrote that Moldova would remove that request which was fake news. The statement was made by Prime Minister Pavel Filip in the debates of government meeting

"Some media institutions obsessed by ideas of blaming the Government's work, they couldn't see the illogical works they published. 

"The newspaper Ziarul de Gradă wrote that Moldova withdrew its request to include on the agenda of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly the issue regarding foreign troops in the country territory. This was wrong information. 

"The media institutions receive money from the EU and US to inform objectively, in contrast, they promote wrong information." said Pavel Filip.


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