Filip: 'Moldova is officially attractive again at international level as of today. We've got an IMF agreement'

Prime minister Pavel Filip states that Moldova is officially attractive again at international level, as of today. The chief of the Cabinet wrote on his Facebook page that Moldova had an arrangement with the IMF.

"It’s a crucial step for Moldova’s economic trustworthiness, our recent reforms are validated. New steps in modernizing the country are to follow. The reforms continue and will result in a better living for the citizens.

I want to thank my colleagues from the Government and the parliamentary majority for jointly managing to stabilize the country politically and economically. I thank the citizens for crediting us with patience: this patience has not been in vain, the country’s foreign funding is resumed. Moldova has the necessary oxygen to develop speedily," Pavel Filip said.

PUBLIKA.MD reminder: An IMF mission was in Moldova in July 5-15 and reached an agreement with the Government to conclude a new cooperation program.

The IMF three-year arrangement provides for a loan of $179 million. The decision is yet to be endorsed by the IMF board in October.

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