Filip Government gave up on power: We don't want doctors, teachers, policemen to suffer

Filip Government resigned! Pavel Filip declared that they don't want these pressure on policemen, doctors, teachers to take place. He announced that within a press conference.

"I invited you today to thank you for what we managed to do together. Thank you for the trust you put in us and for the things that we managed to change in Moldova. 

We took the power in a very hard moment for Moldova. We faced crisis situations, we worked days and nights to stabilize the banking system, we made an agreement with the International Monetary Fund and provided an economic growth. 

We leave behind very important projects such as First Home, Good Roads, higher salaries and pensions, allowances in agriculture. The budget has enough money for all these. I know that many will comment on the hostage that we leave, but the budget increased and you saw that.

All this time, Romania and Ukraine supported us. I want to help them for all their aids. Nobody will forget the SMURD team that lost their lives within an intervention in Moldova. Kiev supported us in providing the integrity of our country.

All these years we were proud about our country. 

Today, we announced that we gave up on the power. Along this period when we were governing, we provided the European path of the country. I appeal to all civil servants and employees in budgetary institutions to continue to pursue their conscientious work. I call on the next Government not to launch vendettes and revenge against those who did not want to take part in any camps. People have been and are on the side of the law and the Constitution, not of any political party.

We leave with consciousness. All these years I have been governed by law. And in the last few days, I have fully complied with the Constitution and the laws of the country, as we swore three years ago when I came into office.

At the same time, we draw attention to the fact that our departure will not solve the current legal blockade and will not invalidate the decisions of the Constitutional Court. The constitutional crisis remains unresolved, I am sure all political actors understand this and I hope they will find a way out of the situation.

I thank all those who have written and encouraged us in the last few days. I want you to know that today's decision does not mean that we are putting our hands down or giving up. We will continue to work for Moldova, only in other positions.

I thank my colleagues, those who were with me in complicated moments and trusted me. We remain a strong team still.

I thank the family, the children, because they have borne my absences and have supported me unconditionally.

I wish success to the next Prime Minister. This function comes with great responsibility. For the good of the people, I hope he will do better than I do

Publika.MD reminds that today, DPM vice president, Vladimir Cebotari announced after the National Politics Council of DPM: We discussed about the political situation of the country and about the refusal of the other parties to solve this problem. DPM is ready to give any judicial solutions. We have some solutions for PSRM and ACUM alliance to work legally. In these conditions, DPM decided to give up on the Governance.

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