Filip at Cyber Drill Alert: Government fastens on cybersecurity and ICT boost

The Government pays particular attention to ensuring cyber security and ICT development, especially when more and more people want to benefit from technological progress. This is the message sent by Prime Minister Pavel Filip at the opening of the 'Cyber Drill Alert' regional conference, organized for the first time in the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the International Telecommunication Union.

Pavel Filip stated that, under the umbrella of the National Strategy "Moldova Digital 2020", the National Cyber Security Program was promoted. The Republic of Moldova also has an ambitious digital agenda, which aims at creating a modern information society and encouraging the development of the profile companies.

"Government efforts are an example of developing information society services at the country level, promoting inclusion and emphasizing two key dimensions: the need for ICT knowledge and increased cyber security," said Pavel Filip.

The prime minister said that "Cyber Drill Alert" is a good opportunity to exchange experience and take best practice in the field. At the same time, crisis simulations that will be deployed during the event will help improve communication and cyber response capabilities, reduce virtual hazards, and increase confidence in digital space.

"This exercise will serve to identify and promote solutions to overcome threats and challenges in cyberspace, clarify the role of Governments, national cyber incidents and electronic communications operators in this process," said Pavel Filip.

"Cyber Drill Alert" is organized by the Special Telecommunications Center of the State Chancellery, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the National Association of ICT Companies, on November 21-23, 2009.

The event is attended by cyber security specialists from 24 European Union and CIS countries

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