Filip about economic growth: State budget indexed five billion lei more this year, due to our discipline

Pavel Filip prime minister presented the activity report of the Government today. In this context, Valentina Buliga deputy o DPM thanked the prime minister for the achievements of the Government and the work they did in the past three years.

"Mr. Prime minister, I want to thank you and the Cabinet of the ministers for the achievements we gained in the past period. We all know that at the beginning, in our team there were persons who just wanted to take advantage of their position and fulfill their own interests.

But, they have already left these walls. 

The majority of the achievements are in social field. I want to congratulate you. I am proud that the team that you lead manage to do that many reforms", mentioned Valentina Buliga, DPM deputy.

At the same time, the prime-minister explained Valentina Buliga and all of the deputies form the Parliament's hall the factors that leaded to economic growth and salaries increse.

"Thank you, Mrs. Buliga. It all depends on the financial capacity of the country. We managed to initiate reforms in many fields and reached a good result. On the other side, we worked a lot for the institutional reforms. We need to repair the Fiscal Service and the Customs Service.

These services passed through reforms, thus now they are more responsible. This is what the order means. 

That is why the increase in financial capacity allowed us to finally come up with salary increases and increases in pensions. This salary law that has worked a lot has not come before we have not made sure that the financial parameters are fine, that the financial parameters have been coordinated with our partners and that we can make these increases", said the prime minister, Pavel Filip.

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