Filip about "A doctor for you" 2 campaign: We launched the second part of the program, because the first one succeeded

The women can benefit of free breast check up within "A doctor for you 2" campaign. At the event also came Pavel Filip, the prime minister of Moldova who said that this campaign is an opportunity to save people's lives and prevent illnesses.

"The "A doctor for you" campaign was continued, due to the good reviews on the first campaign. I am glad about this project. Starting next week, the doctors will check the patients. Beyond the mixed teams of specialists who go in the villages and towns, this time there will also be doctors who will check up women", said the prime minister.


At the same time, Pavel Filip declared that in the Republic of Moldova people don't go to the doctors when it is required, but when it is too late.

"People are not guilty. The blame is on the infrastructure and the health system. In order to get rid of this issue, we decided to launch "A doctor for you 2" program, so people will continue to benefit of free check ups", said Pavel Filip, the prime minister of Moldova.


PUBLIKA.MD mentioned that the breast cancer is a wide spread illness. The malady affects the women over 50. Th previous year, over one thousand women have been diagnosed with this malady.

"A doctor for you" campaign was launched in August. Starting then, over 17 thousand persons benefited of free check ups.


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