Fight against violence continues. Edelweiss Foundation promotes family values among students (PHOTO)

Vlad Plahotniuc "Edelweiss" Foundation continues the fight against domestic violence. In this sense, the organization released today, November 29th, an informational tour of the "Protected families" project.

The initiative aims to promote the values of a harmonious family and the actions that students should undertake in case of violence. 

The first destination in the "Say NO to violence" tour was the school in the Gaspar village, Edinet district. Students say they learned a lot of useful information and will know what to do if they see acts of violence:

"I learned a lot of new things for me. I learned about my rights and places to reach in case of violence during this session."

"I learned many new things for a lifelong. As I have a little brother, I can now tell him off when he says bad words. "

"The pupils of 8th and 9th grade learned many interesting things. Many will practice to say no to violence because they found out about domestic violence, violence in the classroom, non-verbal violence. This is a very welcomed thing for middle school" , said Larisa Gribincea, headmaster of the school in Gaspar village.

According to the project manager, the informational campaign will reach many parts of the country. The purpose  of the campaign is to combat domestic violence.

"I know the forms of violence and how to detect a child who is abused, which requires support of ours, but also I learned where can we receive specialized help" , said Sabina Crigan, the project manager.

Earlier last week, the "Edelweiss" foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc launched a national painting contest for students "Protected families". The contest aims to promote the values of an harmonious family.

However, on December 3rd, a charity concert will be held at the National Philharmony dedicated to the fight against domestic violence. The talented singer from Romania, Paula Seling and several local artists will perform at the concert.

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