FIFA ranking DISASTER for Moldova's soccer national team

After two consecutive defeats in the World Cup qualifiers, 0-3 with Serbia and 1-3 with Ireland, the national team coached by Igor Dobrovolskii has fallen 12 more spots in the FIFA ranking and is now on the 173rd position out of 209. This is the worst ranking Moldova has ever had.

The tricolors are topped by the national teams of such exotic countries as Tahiti, Malaysia, Belize, Arouba or Barbados.

Instead, they are better positioned than Laos, Gambia, Vanuatu or Bhutan.

Moldova’s next adversary in the qualifiers is Georgia, on the 122nd spot. Within the D group, Wales is best placed -- 11. Austria is 30, Ireland - 33, and Serbia - 43.

The 2018 tournament host, Russia, dramatically fell 15 positions to the 53rd place, Romania is 34, and Ukraine - 29.

Further leading the international ranking is Argentina. Germany, Brazil, Belgium and Columbia follow it in the top five.

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