Fewer Moldovans change their mobile operator

The numbers of Moldovans who decide to change their mobile operator is lower than the previous years. In 2017, 31 thousand people benefited of this service, which is 15% less than in 2016.

The previous year, there were made 2 600 changes, while in 2016, 3 000. The specialists explain this by the similar deals of the mobile companies.

The service permits to all the users of mobile phones to keep their telephone number when they change their provider.

In 2017, 31 200 citizens benefited of this service. 28 000 of them were cell-phones users and 2 400 of them usual phone users. Comparing this number to the one from 2016, it decreased with 5 600, or 15%.

Even if it decreases, the specialists say the number of the people who will chose to change their provider will be constant.

 "For the next years we can forecast that the number of portals will be constant, at about 30,000. This figure can change only if something radical changes occur on the market, but in the last five years we have a normal tendency to launch", declared Roman Batnaru, ANRECETI consultant.

Meanwhile, the telephone companies are thinking of the most advantageous deals to attract customers.

"The price, the internet, and affordable smartphones are the basic criteria for customers choosing to ship to an operator or another. There is a segment of customers who are always looking for advantageous deals, and they often change the operator" , said Cătălina Canţer, the representative of a mobile phone company.

People appreciate the service and say they offer more benefits.

The telephone numbering service was launched in our country in the summer of 2013 and is free to be changed.

In total, in the four-and-a-half years, 182,000 numbers were ported, out of which over 167,000 mobile telephony and 15,000 fixed telephony.

Most numbers, nearly 48,000 were ported in 2015.

Nowadays, over 100 countries around the world activate phone number porting services.

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