FC Sheriff Tiraspol one step away from becoming Republic of Moldova's Football champion

FC Sheriff Tiraspol is one step away from gaining the title of Republic of Moldova's Football champion. They have managed to win 4 - 0 against FC Spicul Chișcăreni within the 16th stage and are only one points away from the title.

 The team has managed to score until the break twice with Ante Kulusic and Eugen Oancea. 

Petru Racu marked the first goal at 80th minute, while Vitalie Damaşcan during the extra time.

"We had a change to score when it was still 0 - 0, but missed the target. It was the turning point. Then they scored a goal. It is hard to tie when it comes to facing  FC Sheriff Tiraspol" FC Spicul Chișcăreni's coach Denis Calincov declared.

In the second last stage of the season FC Sheriff Tiraspol will face FC Milsami Orhei in Orhei. Their match will take place on November 18.

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