FC Sheriff Tiraspol has outdone itself this season. Best performance in club's history

FC Sheriff Tiraspol has outdone itself this season, showing best performance in the club's history. The team has gained a record number of points in the group category of the European League, after its victory last evening over FC Fastav Zlín.

FC Sheriff Tiraspol has ensured its position, gathering a total of 9 points in 5 games, being the leader of the F group. In the earlier 3 matches, the team managed to win 6 points.

Now, Moldova's champion has showed an amazing performance. FC Sheriff Tiraspol has all chances to become Republic of Moldova's first team to ever qualify in the Spring European League.

Players from the team consider themselves closer than ever to attain their most important victory for their career. The team will rank in top 16 of the European League if they will win over F.C. Copenhagen next month.

"Not much is left. We will not let this get to our heads and will concentrate to do our best to the end, to leave our mark in history, to be the first team from Moldova to qualify in Spring European League" player Petru Racu declared.

"It will be our most important game yet" player Gheorghe Anton announced.

"We wish to step on grounds our country has never been before. We wish to make our fans happy, to allow them to boast that Sheriff became the first team from Moldova to every pass the group stage. I think something like this will not be forgotten" player Veaceslav Posmac said.

After the impressing performance in the groups of the European League, FC Sheriff Tiraspol generated impressive income. After the 2 victories and 3 games, the club will receive from UEFA no less than one million euro.

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