FC Sheriff Tiraspol had the best performance in the history of Moldovan football

FC Sheriff Tiraspol had its best performance in 2017 in the whole history of Moldovan football. The team has managed to qualify in the European League, gathered a record amount of points and was one step away from being in top 16 of the competition.

FC Sheriff Tiraspol begun its adventure in the second preliminary tour against FK Kukësi.

Roberto Bordin's pupils managed to win with the score of 1 - 0. The sole goal belonging to Belgian football player, Ziguy Badibanga on the 79th minute.

The second game was on 19th of July in Albania. Where FC Sheriff Tiraspol dramatically qualified in the third preliminary tour of the Champion League, despite having lost the match. It managed to do so due to the score of 1 - 2, having been qualified thanks to the goal. The team was led to a break with a score of 2 - 0, but managed to score on the 56th minute with Burkinabé footballer Cyrille Bayala.

Still, FC Sheriff Tiraspol had a difficult game after the goal. First, FC Sheriff Tiraspol remained without Dutch footballer Jeremy De Nooijer, while only a few minutes later, the hosts missed a penalty through Pejic.

FC Sheriff Tiraspol managed to not let the opponents score to the end of the match and qualified in the third preliminary round, where they faced Qarabağ FK.
Republic of Moldova's champion managed to end with a tie of 0 - 0, in the first match, played abroad. The hosts dominated most of the game from Baku and lost many chances to score.
A week later, FC Sheriff Tiraspol has missed the play-off qualification of the Champion League. The team lost in the repeated match against Qarabağ FK, on home field with 1 - 2.
The guests have opened the game with the first goal through South African footballer Dino Ndlovu. Qarabağ FK scored again at the 86th minute with Spanish footballer Michel.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol have managed to score their sole goal on the 94th minute, with Zigui Badibanga in a penalty.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol have continued their adventure in the European League, when they entered another play-off tournament between clubs.
After the previous loss, they had to face Poland's team. Here, our footballers were full of surprises. They managed to gain a positive score from and finish the game with the score 1 - 1.
Poland gained an advantage on the 76th minute with Kasper Hamalainen, but players from Republic of Moldova have responded during the whole game, managing to make it a draw.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol has managed to score a goal with only 3 minutes left to the end of the game with Cyrille Bayala.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol resisted in the rematch and qualified in the European League. After the tie against Poland, Moldova's team managed to once again finish with a draw, on home field.
It was done without any goals, the final score being of 0 - 0, FC Sheriff Tiraspol qualifying in the groups thanks to the goal made abroad. FC Sheriff Tiraspol has for the first time qualified in the European League groups.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol have found out about their fate in the group after a random draw in Monte Carlo, on 25th August. Moldova's football club being sorted in the F group, along with Denmark's team F.C. Copenhagen, Russia's team FC Lokomotiv Moscow and Czech team FC Fastav Zlín.
In the first round of the F group, FC Sheriff Tiraspol finished with a draw of 0 - 0 against FC Fastav Zlín. While their trip being an epic one. The plane Moldova's team had to go on did not leave due to technical issues, luckily established in time.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol left for the game with an air charter, but only managed to reach Vienna, from where they had to travel another 200 km within 3 hours, to reach the stadium where the game took place.
Despite having arrived with only 5 hours before the game, FC Sheriff Tiraspol have missed the chance to score and returned home with a single point - a nearly unsuccessful result, taking into consideration all the issues they had to face to reach the game.
Without goals ended the second match of the F group, between FC Lokomotiv Moscow and FC Fastav Zlín.
Two weeks later, FC Sheriff Tiraspol had its first game on home filed within the F group, while its opponent was named F.C. Copenhagen.
Right before the game, the stadium of FC Sheriff Tiraspol experienced some important changes, namely the installation of automatic goal counters.
In the end, it was not even used, as the game finished without any goals. Both team were in a tie of 0 - 0. The result was considered a good one, Denmark's champion having advantages of being favorite winning team.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol has managed to end the third game in a draw within the European League, on 19th October, with the score of 1 -1, when it played on home field against Russia's champion, FC Lokomotiv Moscow.
Russia's team marked the first goal on the 17th minute, with Anton Miranciuk, but Moldova didn't fall back and Ziguy Badibanga stroke back on the 31st minute. The goal was a valid one, it being proven on the video technologies earlier installed there.
Moreover, FC Sheriff Tiraspol has dominated most of the second part of the game and lost a few good chances to score and become the winner. Moscow's goalkeeper, had to save the team only two times in the 87th minute.
"After such a result we have the chance to enter the next stage. From what I understood, F.C. Copenhagen has a draw against FC Fastav Zlín. Meaning, the result against FC Lokomotiv Moscow is good for us" FC Sheriff Tiraspol player, Gheorghe Anton said.
After two weeks, FC Sheriff Tiraspol amazed Europe. The footballers, guided by Italian coach Roberto Bordin has a glorious victory, having defeated FC Lokomotiv Moscow on their own field.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol won with 2 - 1 after once again FC Lokomotiv Moscow scored first with 1 - 0. Veteran Jefferson Farfan opened the game at the 26th minute, but FC Sheriff Tiraspol has not fallen back and scored back after 15 minutes with Ziguy Badibanga.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol won against Moscow on the 58th minute, when Josip Brezovec scored the victory goal.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol gained therefore their first victory within the F group and had a true chance to be among the top 16 of the European League.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol have continued their amazing performance in the next, fifth stage. FC Sheriff Tiraspol won on home field against FC Fastav Zlín. They marked to sole goal of the game on the 11th minute.
FC Fastav Zlín could have made it a tie on the 66th minute with Mirzad Mehanovic, who hit the bar.
Moldova's footballer, Ziguy Badibanga lost two chances to score. In another match, FC Lokomotiv Moscow won against F.C. Copenhagen with 2 - 1.
"There is only a bit left. We remain set on our goal and will fight to the end. To make history, to make our team be the first from Moldova to qualify in the European spring" FC Sheriff Tiraspol player, Petru Racu said.
After the second to last stage of the F group, Moldova's champion was the leader, with 9 points, but it was not enough to enter the top 16. It could have happened in their repeated match against Moscow's team. FC Sheriff Tiraspol lacked only 1 point from reaching the European spring.
Their dream was ruined though, on 7th December, when the team was defeated on F.C. Copenhagen's field, after they have shown their weakest game in the group. Denmark's team scored two goals.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol has gained two goals within an interval of only 3 minutes. For the hosts scored Sotiriou and Luftner.
On the 70th minute, FC Sheriff Tiraspol lost a player, after Jairo received two red cards and a fault.
Despite this, Moldova's team could have made the game end with a draw in only two minutes. First, at the 78th minute, they received a penalty from Vitalie Damașcan. Unfortunately, Ziguy Badibanga missed then, the ball having hit the bar.
Shortly after, FC Sheriff Tiraspol missed another great chance to score with Vitalie Damaşcan, having missed from only 5 - 6 meters distance.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol placed therefore 3rd in the F group, with 9 points. F.C. Copenhagen has also gained 9 points, but was qualified in top 16 of the League, due to better results in matches against FC Sheriff Tiraspol. FC Lokomotiv Moscow has won with the score of 2 - 0 against FC Fastav Zlín, having a total of 11 points and winning the F category.
Other representatives from Republic of Moldova in the European league had more modest results. FC Milsami Orhei was eliminated within the first preliminary tour of the European League, by CS Fola Esch from Luxembourg, a team mostly made out of amateurs.
After loosing with the score of 1 - 2, FC Milsami Orhei has not managed to win even on home field. The match between FC Milsami Orhei and CS Fola Esch ended with a tie of 1 - 1.  Alexandru Antoniuc opened the game on the 36th minute, allowing Orhei to lead with 1 - 0, but Luxembourg didn't fall back and in the second round scored with Jakob Dallevedove. It was the first time CS Fola Esch passed the preliminary tour of the European Cup between clubs.
Even FC Dacia Chișinău never went further than the first preliminary tour, they experienced an embarrassing loss against KF Shkëndija, with 0 - 7. In the first part of the game, they were loosing with the score of 0 - 3, while the second one, on home field, with the score 0 - 4.
FC Zaria Bălți was the sole Moldovan team that managed to win 3 matches and qualify in the second round of preliminary of the European League.  The team was coached by Vlad Goian and was eliminated from the competition by FK Sarajevo.
After the game ended on home field with 2 - 1 FC Zaria Bălți led in the rematch with 2 - 0 in the 35th minute. For the hosts scored Hebibovic and Kadusic. FC Zaria Bălți lessened the difference on the 60th minute with Zaghinailov.
FK Sarajevo could have won, but on the 86th minute, missed from a 11 meter distance. Goalkeeper Paşcenco  defended against a penalty. In the final, FC Zaria Bălți remained with less players after Novicov received a red card.
The team from Moldova resisted the game, having one less person on the field, while the qualification was decided though a series of penalties. FC Zaria Bălți was fortunate and won with 6 - 5. The final score belonging to Maxim Focşa.
In the second preliminary round of the European Leauge,  FC Zaria Bălți played against Apollon Limassol and was eliminated. After it lost with the score of 0 - 3, the team from Republic of Moldova was also defeated in the rematch played on Zimbru stadium from Chisinau, with the score 1 - 2.
After the amazing performance in the European League, the team from Republic of Moldova gathered a considerable budget. FC Sheriff Tiraspol has won at the UEFA a total of 4 million 680 thousand euro.
FC Sheriff Tiraspol already had 3 million 600 thousand euro before reaching the group phrase of the European League.
The accounts of the team will also receive a little over a million euro, thanks to their performance in the F group, where Republic of Moldova gained two victories, from the six played games.
Other representatives of our country will also gain decent money from UEFA. FC Dacia Chișinău and FC Milsami Orhei have won 215 thousand euro each for participating in the first preliminary tour of the European League.
FC Zaria Bălți will receive from UEFA 450 thousand euro for managing to reach the second preliminary tour of the competition.
In 2017, FC Sheriff Tiraspol has won the championship twice. From next season, the championship of Republic of Moldova will take place in the format spring - autumn.
Therefore, according to those result, will be decided the 3 teams that will represent Republic of Moldova within the next season of the European Cup. FC Sheriff Tiraspol will once again play in the preliminaries of the Chamption League, FC Milsami Orhei and FC Petrocub Hîncești will play in the preliminaries of the European League.
The fourth participant will be the winning group of the Moldova Cup. If the trophy will be in possession of one of the teams ranked in the top three places in the National Division in the League of Europe, the fourth placed team will participate, FC Dacia Chișinău.
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