FC Buicani-Dacia and FC Zaria Bălţi will face in first junior football tournament in Vadul lui Voda

The tour of junior football team aged between 14 and 17 organized by Elite Clubs Moldovan Football Federation will name its winner on Sunday.

FC Buicani-Dacia and FC Zaria Bălţi will fight for the prize. In the final there will compete FC Zimbru Chişinău against FC Sheriff Tiraspol. The matches will take place at the Preparation Center of National Football teams from Vadul lui Voda.

In the semi-finals, FC Buiucani-Dacia won Sheriff and Zaria won FC Zimbru. The football players were all born in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

The tour hosted by Moldovan Football Federation aim to promote football through discovering new talented footballers and training them.

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