Father of teenager, who accidentally shot 7-year-old friend in Verejeni, arrested for 72 hours

Father of the 14-year-old teenager, from Verejeni village, Telenești, who shot by accident his friend, was arrested. Teleneşti Police Inspectorate have opened a criminal file on his name for carelessness in handling firearm and ammunitions.

The forensics have shown that the 7-year-old child has passed away from the injuries caused by the hunting rifle and has not drowned in the well. 

According to the police, the 14-year-old and his 7-year-old friend were playing with the rifle. In a moment, the suspect has taken the firearm and while attempting to set it back on it's place has accidentally pulled the trigger, hitting the boy in his left shoulder.

"According to the forensics, the death was due to hemorrhage, caused by the injury from the firearm" chief of Teleneşti Police Inspectorate, Alexei Vrăjitoru declared.

The suspect declared for law enforcement that he took the child to the well. While washing the injury, he claimed to have accidentally dropped him in it.

"After questioning the suspects, we found out that the police or parents was not immediately alerted, because the teenager was scared of what happened. Intending to tell everything to a close relative later on" Alexei Vrăjitoru explained.

Both the 14-year-old, suspected for involuntary manslaughter, as well as his father, suspected for careless keeping of firearm, were arrested for 72 hours.

The deceased body of the victim was shortly found after he left on Saturday to play with his friend and never came back.

Dozens of employees from Teleneşti Police Inspectorate were implicated to solve the crime.

The victim's parents have another 8-year-old son. His father is working abroad, in England.

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