Father and son from Nisporeni risk to spend the next 5 years behind bars for stealing sand

The case on illegal extraction of sand and entrepreneur activity, where two people are accused of gaining big revenues, was sent to the court.

According to prosecutors, between 2011 - 2017, due to a lack of license, the suspects have illegally extracted, by digging, from sites in Mileşti village, Nisporeni district, sand worth over 1 million lei. Therefore, they have gained 4 770 cubic meters of sand from 11 fields meant for agriculture, with a total surface of 4 hectares, which were then sold to other people.

The suspects, father and son, of 51 and 27 years old, are banned from leaving the settlement and if found guilty, they risk to 5 years of imprisonment or a fine of 650 to 1 150 conventional units.

In this case, prosecutors have put under distrain real estate and other possessions of the accused.

At the same time, prosecutors are investigating the actions of some employees that, according to the evidence, were supposed to protect the goods or stood idle while the illegalities took place.

Among those who bough the sand counts an economic agents, who is suspected of tax evasion.

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