Farmers could be exempted from paying excise duties for fuel. What candidate Ion Sula pledges for future Legislator

Farmers could be exempted from paying excise duties for fuel. A bill to this effect will be presented to the future Parliament. It has been discussed by PDM candidate Ion Sula with farmers. 

Candidate Ion Sula is on constituency no.37 which includes 22 localities from Ialoveni, Causeni and Hincesti districts

"I already have an a project to benefit farmers. In the future parliament, we will present the project which to exempt excise duties. I don't invent it. It works well in other developed countries", said Ion Sula, PDM candidate on constituency no. 37, Răzeni-Ialoveni.

Ion Sula says that he has other projects to help people in the villages.

"We want to diversity production in the locality, not only table grapes, but also other crops, so that our people will optimize their labor force during the year", said the candidate. 

In turn, PDM vice-president Andrian Candu stressed that the current government wants to continue the reforms. Project good roads for Moldova will be carried on in the next four years. 

"We propose to repair 2600 km of road for 2019 and 3600 km of road for 2020 and so on. We do not have a magic wand to create miracles overnight. We don't have wizards. We know how to seek resources and to implement projects", said Andrian Candu, vice president of the PDM.

Another Democratic candidate, Grigore Repeşciuc says he wants to support firstly the future mothers and pledges to raise allowances. 

The former Căuşeni Mayor, who is on constituency no.35, paid a visit to bag factory where over hundred women are working. 

"I've already give them 1000 lei. 6000 lei for the good employee. I'm ready to represent you in Parliament. Trust me, you will never regret to choose me", said Grigore Repeșciuc, PDM candidate on constituency 35 Căuşeni. 

Grigore Repeșciuc also pledges to create more jobs. 

Factory employees are happy with the jobs. 

"We are offered transports. We're working and staying near our families. It's very good". 

"I'm happy that I don't have to leave my country". 

Constituency no.35 includes Căuşeni district and a locality in Anenii Noi district.

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