Farmers are preparing all necessary paperwork to receive subventions

Information Campaign for Farmers on this year's subventions is being unfolded. They are preparing all required paperwork to receive financial aid. Over 80 farmers from Orhei have already spoken with representatives of Agency of Payments and Intervention for Agriculture (APIA) regarding the procedure to gather all documents.

"I wish to build a freezer. I have already begun gathering all the necessary paperwork", a farmer said.

"We always received aid, never encountered any issues. I believe that Agency of Payments and Intervention for Agriculture will continue developing" another farmer said.

Some suggestions made by farmers might be included in the subvention regulations. For example, aid to maintain greenhouses during winter.

"Farmers spend much money during winter to make sure that greenhouses are heated, those expenses affect the final price of the produce. We heard many ideas and suggestions and will discuss them at the Ministry" APIA director, Nicolae Ciubuc declared.

Petru Maler from Jora de Jos village submitted his documents to APIA. The farmer purchased an apple sorting machine worth over two million lei.

"By the rules, they should return us 50% of the money, which means over one million lei. We will continue investing and will purchase equipment to craft wooden boxes" farmer Petru Maler declared.

"It saves us a lot of time. We used to do it by hand" a farmer said.

To this moment, from the 3 000 farmers from Orhei, 35 have submitted documents requesting an aid of 2.6 million lei. Farmers from Moldova have already requested APIA aid of 20 million lei, while the institution's administration claims that the first subventions will be offered by the end of March.


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