Farmer, threatened by top aide of fugitive suspect Renato Usatii for leaving Partidul Nostru

The fugitive indicted Renato Usatîi tries to keep the members in his party by threats, after scores of members leave the PN party. An attempted threat and intimidation of a PN member occurred yesterday at a farm in Fălești district, writes

The farmers Victor Luchianov and his son Alexandru, a former PN member, called the police after Nicolae Țipovici, the Partidul Nostru deputy president, and four other members, district and town councilors, had gone to the farm.

They menaced to beat up the farmers.

The would-be punishers went to the farm on a car belonging to Renato Usatîi.

Luchianov’s son told the police he had been threatened by Nicolae Țîpovici, who allegedly said: “Take care, there are short circuits leading to burning houses, the business can fail – the animals may die.”

Țîpovici allegedly impelled him to state before a camera that he would have been impelled by Oleg Pastrama and Veaceslav Tambur to sign the declaration of leaving the party, without reading the declaration.

Țipovici later declined to have threatened Luchianov, saying it had been a simple conversation to find the reason for leaving the party.

Țîpovici complained to the police against Oleg Pastrama, a former deputy mayor of Fălești, a former member of the PN, for slander.

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