Farmer in coma after being shot in head, suspect jailed

 A farmer from Recea village, Riscani district was shot from his own legally possessed weapon near his office. The suspect is a young man from Lipcani village.

The case happened on the night of December 11th. The 23-year-old man stole the man's car after shooting him nine times.  Police initiated a criminal case. The suspect has been caught just a kilometer away. 

Locals have found the car and after looking for the farmer have located him in a lot of blood. 

The victim has been transported in serious condition to the Chisinau Emergency Hospital, where he underwent several surgeries. The patient's condition is critical.

"The patient has suffered a head trauma, caused by the weapon shots. At the moment, he is in coma without improvement" ,  said the Press Officer of the Emergency Hospital, Petru Cravet.

After 24 hours, the suspect has been detained near the auto station in Balti town by the employees of the State Security Service.

People in the village were terrified by what happened. They say that the farmer does not have conflict with anyone and can not explain the young gesture.

Police will establish all circumstances. the motive is yet to be known. 

"The investigation will establish all circumstances. The man will be held responsible for attempted murder and theft, offenses under the criminal code" ,  said the deputy head of prosecution department of the Riscani village, Sergiu Cernicenco.

If found guilty the young man risks up to 20 years in prison.

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