Farmer from Orhei grows organic peppers for local markets

Despite it being late autumn, a farmer from Orhei decided to ensure that people have quality produce on market by growing organic peppers. As pepper have already disappeared from the market, he manages get a good price from them.

For 11 years, Gheorghe Bobârca along with his family grows organic vegetables in Pohorniceni village. The farmer received help from the state and therefore, managed to get his hand on latest technology for integrity and heating, while lack of pesticides ensure good quality.

"Permanent modernization offers better results, more efficient harvest. We now have more competition, while the prices lowered" Gheorghe Bobârca declared.

Still, the he has a full greenhouse filled with peppers. He claims that by not harvesting them in three months ensure up to 70% income gain.

"They can ripple to spring, to grow slower. The more time I leave them, the bigger they grow"
 the farmer explained.

The produce will soon be found on our markets. Meanwhile, citizens are enjoying the last of local harvests.

"The produce is not of good quality, but it is a given taking into consideration the season. Of course imported goods don't have better quality, they are filled with nitrates."

"I mostly purchase local produce. From our hard working citizens."

Vendors claim that now the produce is more expensive, therefore there are less people purchasing it.

"Not many buy produce now, because the prices rose. Not everyone can allow themselves to spend 20 lei on them."

"The greenhouses are yet untouched. They are waiting for New Years, because everything will be more expensive then. Those are from the fields and we cannot sell them at a bigger price."

At the moment a kilogram of local peppers can be found in Central Market for 15 to 20 lei, while imported are up to 50 lei.

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